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Port Grand is the ultimate hangout, a heaven for a Photographer, an everlasting excitement for a Gourmet, a walk of life for a connoisseur of arts and crafts, a backdrop as elegant as Maxwell’s equation, a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Gone maybe the days when an architectural project was an aesthetic undertaking.

Port Grand certainly rolls back years when streets themselves made a vibrant art gallery. Years when one’s view was not strangled with dust, wires, seepage, neglect and betrayal. Years when one’s imagination was not obscured by fleeting ambition, earthly desires, pure greed and excessive bigotry. You could feel city breathing then and so did you with it in unison and harmony.

This world-class complex has been designed and engineered by an international team of architects and designers and is located at the tip of the financial district and on the Karachi harbor. Port Grand now caters the much awaited recreation and leisure needs of this port city. With diverse concepts in food, entertainment and shopping, making the venue a 'hot' location for branding, market positioning, selling and promoting your business.

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The Port Grand site is located at the epicenter of Karachi’s history. By restoring the bridge in many ways we have resurrected the experience of a forgotten yet significant time.

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